Setup Stripe Reader


This article explains how to setup the stripe reader and register the reader to your stripe account.

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Setup Stripe secret key

  1. Click on “Developers” in the upper right hand corner of the page
  1. Click on “API keys” in the left hand nav
  2. On the right hand side of the page, click “+ Create secret key”
  3. In the pop up, enter “Notoriety” for the Key Name and click the Create button
  4. Next pop up will be to confirm your login password
  1. Copy and paste the Secret Key to a FriendlySky employee or into the correct BOS field

Setup Location

  1. Click on “Payments” in the top navigation on the left hand side of the page
  2. Click on “Readers” in the left hand navigation
  3. On the right hand side in the Locations module click “+ New”
  1. Enter the client name for the API key and fill out the address and click Save

Setup Reader

  1. Install the battery and make it fully charged, use an AC adapter for DC 5V 2000mA max.
  2. Connect it to the wifi. It will prompt you if there’s no connection set up. Otherwise, swipe right for settings > enter the PIN code 07139 > Network.
  3. Select WiFi Network  and enter the password, then click on the Join.
  1. 1The reader will receive software updates after the wifi is set.

Register the reader to your Stripe account

Note: If the reader is not registered, it won’t be found by the FriendlySky software.

  1. Click on your location you wish to pair the device with
  1. Click “+ New” on the right handside of the page under Readers
  2. Enter the pairing code generate on the reader into the Registration code pop up and click save
  1. In the FriendlySky Setting -> Site Setting, under stripe setting, paste the secret key that you copied from the step 6 in retrieve secret key section above in the secret key field.
  2. Select the location from the location drop-down list
  3. Select the default reader from the drop-down list 
  4. click on save button.


Start with the Stripe Machines: 


Multiple Stripe Machines

  1. When you set up the Stripe account and order their Stripe machines and paired them. They are named Stripe 1, Stripe 2, Stripe 3 and Stripe 4. Default was set to Stripe 1.
  2. Go to set up the first user and give them Stripe 4 and the second user Stripe 3.
  3. Users need to Log out of the friendlysky system and Log back in to take effect.