Tracking & Fulfillment


This article explains how to update the fulfillment and tracking info.

  1. Go to Orders -> Find Order, click on the Edit button next to the order number that you want to edit.

  1. The Fulfillment block is under the Order Details block. Click on the Fulfill button on the top right of the block to update.

Note: You can also verify and update Billing and Shipping address on the right.
  1. First set the quantity of the item or items you’re delivering.
  2. Under Tracking Information, choose the Delivery Method you are using.

Note: If your product has a confirmation number, the Confirm option of Delivery Method is what you should choose.
  1. Enter tracking info. According to the Delivery Method, the input of tracking info may vary. 
  2. You can also put in relevant delivery information under Notes.
  3. Last, click save to complete the update.

Send Update Email

  1. After updating the fulfillment info, you can send out an Update Email to the customer by clicking on the Send Email dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Select Update Email from the list.

Tracking and Fulfillment

  1. Before sending out the email with delivery info, you’ll be able to preview it. If it looks good, click on Send.
Tracking and Fulfillment
Note: You can see the delivery info in the red square


Order Notes: Under the Fulfillment block you can find the Order Notes. All of the changes made to the order are recorded here. Once the update email is sent, you can find the record here.