Apple Pay


This article explains how to setup to accept Apple Pay for the online orders. In order for Apple Pay to properly, please see this article.

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  1. As the first screen above, Apple Pay will work ONLY on Safari on Mac running macOS Sierra or later (for desktop) or Mobile Safari on iOS 10.1 or later (for mobile device)
  2. A compatible device with a card in its Wallet paired to your Mac with Handoff, or a Mac with TouchID.

To test to see if the browser is ready to pay with Apple Pay, click on this link and if you see screen below, it means your browser is READY for the Apple Pay

If you see the screen below, it means your browser is NOT ready for the Google Pay

Setup on Stripe

  1. The first step is to enable Apple Pay feature in the Stripe. On Stripe Dashboard, click on the Setting icon on the upper right corner, and click on Payment methods under the Payments area.
  1. Turn on the Apple Pay under the Wallet category.
  1. To use Apple Pay, you need to register with Apple all of your web domains that will show an Apple Pay button. This includes both top-level domains (for example, and subdomains (for example,  After turning on Apple Pay as states in step 2 above, click on Configure under Apple Pay.
  1. Add the domain which you want Apple Pay button to be activated on by clicking on the add new domain button, and on the popup screen, simply enter the domain in step 1 field (see red box 1 in screen below), and simply click on the add button (See red box 2 in screen below)
  1. While on the Stripe site, click on Developer on top-right corner, clic on API Key from the left menu, and copy the publishable key.

Enable Apple Pay on FriendlySky

  1. Go to Settings, Site Settings, under Stripe Setting, put in the publishable and secrete key (both are needed for activating the Stripe Wallet feature) from the screen above, and check off the Enable Apple Pay/Google Pay box, and click on Save button.

How to pay online with Apple Pay

  1. On the payment page of online order process, if the requirements for Apple Pay above meets, you should see the Apple Pay as an option for payment in screen below. 
  1. Click on Pay with Apple Pay, and click on Apple Pay button, it will popup screen below and ensure the information and amount is correct and use the Touch ID or FaceID to authorize the sale.