Adding Items To An Order


This article explains how to add more tickets or upselling items to your existing orders.


  1. Go to Orders -> Find Order, click on the Edit button next to the order number that you want to edit.
  2. Right under the title “Order Details”, click on the Add More Items dropdown menu.
  3. The dropdown lists out all the available products. Click on one that consists of the item you want to add to the order.
  4. Here you can choose the tickets or items to be added. There are 2 ways:
    1. You can click on the numbers shown in the screenshot below to select specific seats.
    2. Or you can click on the dropdown menu on the right to select quantity and let the system assign seats for you. 
      On the top right, the dropdown menu named Seat Assignment Option allows you to choose how the system assigns seats. High to Low means the system will assign the seat with the largest number first. Low to High means the system will assign the seat with the smallest number first.
    3. After selecting all the items you want to add, click on the Select button on the bottom right.

    Note: The existing items in the order will also show up on the list which is circled out in the screenshot above. You can edit the seats by clicking on the numbers.

  5. Next you can choose different price types for the tickets you just selected and the existing ones. This step may be skipped if there’s no multiple price types for the tickets.
    1. Click on the dropdown menu to change the price type of each ticket.
    2. Or you can use the dropdown menu named Apply To All Tickets on the top right to change the price types of all the seats at once.
    3. Click on the Confirm button.

    Note: The price type will not be applied to the seats which don’t have such price type.

  6. If the package has optional items, this screen will pop up and you can select the items you want to add. If nothing to be added from the list, you can go ahead and click on the Add to Order button to go to the next step.
  7. The items are now added to the order as (a). To save the changes, click on (b) the Save Order button on the bottom right.

Pay for the order

After the order is saved, you can pay for the order. First please verify if the Balance is correct, and then click on the Pay Now button.