Create Order

Step 1 – Choose your event:

  1. Click on Order in the left hand nav
  2. Click on Box Office
  3. Choose your Main Event
  4. Choose the Date of your event
  5. Choose the Event if more than one event on that date
  6. Choose the type of tickets or packages to sell under Product
  7. Click Next

Step 2 – Choose your tickets:

  1. Choose your ticket by selecting the exact seats on the left or by quantity on the right
  2. Filters are available to refine your ticket search
  3. Click Select to continue

Step 3 – Choose Channel and Price Code (Optional)

  1. Channel – Choose which sales channel the sale is from. Box Office is the default for any customers in person or on the phone
  2. Apply Price Code to All – Choose the price code for the channel sale you are entering in
  3. Price Code – You can choose a different price code per ticket. Example, Adult and Child
  4. Click confirm to apply Price Code update

Note: If there are not channels or price codes, this step is skipped automatically.

Step 4 – Add your customer

  1. Type in the field to search for the customer or click the blue button to create customer
  2. If your order is referred from another source, you can add the order number
  3. Affiliate sales not done on line can be amended using this field

Step 5 – Payment:

  1. Edit will allow you to enter or update the billing address for a credit card
  2. Pick Up Name will allow you to change the name for will call and box office pick up
  3. Pay Now is for credit card users in person or over the phone. Pay Cash is for in person sales.