Box Office – Day of Sales


This article described the how to use stripe terminal to process payment in box office.

Note: In order to use the stripe terminal, you need to setup stripe interface in the site setting.

Box Office Process

  1. Click Orders
  2. Click Box Office
  3. Click to choose Main Event

Note: Only today events will display

  1. Choose seat location and/or quantity
  2. Click Create Customer, enter fist and last name and enter email address, and click on Create button. 

Payment Process

  1. Click on Pay now button, you should see this come up on the terminal
  2. For Credit Card, default is to Tap Credit Card tab. On the device you can do the following:
    1. Tap the card or smart phone
    2. Insert a chipped card
    3. Swipe the magnetic strip of the card
  3. If doing Cash or Comp at the door, choose Cash/comp tab and complete the transaction